by Pub X


Job Description

The Job Requirements for the role include; 
  • Working closely with the organization to capture photos or videos of people, places and things through the use of creativity and technical abilities in photographic equipments and photo-manipulation software. 
  • Recommending creative ideas and solutions to achieve desired results and maintaining a professional image. 
  • Take professional motion pictures or video with eye catching angles. This will require you to capture real time motion pictures of our customers during service hours without making the pictures look “staged”. 
  • Edit recorded videos or pictures to tell concise, visually-pleasing stories. 

Job Requirement

The Job Requirements for the role include; 
  • Proven professional shooting experience; preferably in hospitality/lifestyle sector. 
  • Excellent computer skills with experience in the use of various video editing software programs such as Adobe, Cinema 4D, photoshop, lightroom, Capture One, etc. 
  • Strong Creative presence and artistic flair. 
  • Strong focus to over-deliver on quality. 
  • Interpersonal, Time Management, Communication Skills, Attention to details and multi-tasking. 
  • Knowledge of production process for online publishing and various printing applications. 
  • Flexibility as required for the job.